Scout is Out! Now open for ALL SnipSnap users

You may have noticed when we announced Scout almost a month ago that not everyone could get in. We knew the idea of a personal deal-hunting assistant would be popular, but we didn’t know just how flooded we would get. As a result, we needed to implement a wait-list, and unlock access to Scout in increments. Since then, users have been saving 15% on average, using everything from price matching, mobile rebates, and in-store coupons to get the deals. Many more new cool savings tools are coming soon.

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I’m very happy to say that we’ve managed to quickly scale up, and today we’re opening the doors to everyone! New and old SnipSnap users alike can simply download the latest version of the iOS app, fire up the Scout tab, and start saving a whole lot of moolah!

The early reviews and feedback for this service have been super gratifying. Thanks to TechcrunchCBSFast Company, and NPR for helping spread the word! 

Meet Scout

We have some exciting news to share. We’ve been working for months on a breakthrough way to save money on all in-store purchases. Yes, ALL of them. Our beta testers have been saving 15% on average, with many cracking 50%.

Get ready to meet Scout.


How does Scout work? You simply snap a photo of any product. Using groundbreaking image-recognition technology developed by Slyce, we can immediately identify that product, and then turn around and find you all the deals for it. Scout will quickly figure out if any product has a price-match opportunity, instant mobile rebate, card-linked offer, or gift card. If we don’t have a mobile coupon on SnipSnap, we’ll even scan all the other coupon apps and sites. At SnipSnap we used to promise you’ll “Never forget a coupon.” Now, with Scout, you’ll “Never miss a deal!”

Some background on how Scout was developed after the jump.


SnipSnap for Android is Here!

After seven months of development, and 1 month of beta testing, we’re thrilled to announce that you can now download SnipSnap on the Google Play store for your Android device. Go get it!

Seven months? Close to a year if you include our early planning and design. What can I say: Android is hard!

But now that we have finally finished on V1 of SnipSnap for Android, I can safely say that our team has a newfound appreciation and love of the platform. There are several things about the new Android app that we’ve come to like better than our iOS app — the redeem screen, for example, and the accuracy of location notifications.

Many thanks to all our beta testers, without whom we would have never gotten this far. (If you did download a beta build, please be sure to uninstall, then download from the Google Play store fresh. Don’t worry, after you log in, all your coupons will be restored.)

The app has all the same great features as it’s slightly older iOS sibling:

  • Save any coupon to your smartphone simply by snapping a photo of it.
  • Follow friends and family from your address book, Facebook friend list, or Twitter account, and follow to see their public coupons and activity
  • Search SnipSnap’s Database of hundreds of thousands of community-submitted coupons.
  • Expiration and Location Alerts so you’ll never forget to redeem a coupon, especially while you’re out shopping.


And there’s a bunch more in the works — including several Android-specific features. We don’t want to announce them all just yet, but suffice it to say that widgets, barcode beaming, and Google+ are all on the horizon.

In the meantime, hope you love SnipSnap for Android as much as we do. Take a look at some screenshots below to get a sense of what’s in store after you download!

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