Foursquare offers every mobile app access to your whereabouts

Push notifications on mobile, even those based on location, aren’t brand new to some of those partners. Foursquare thinks it can make these notifications even better with technology that makes the feature easier to maintain and more precise.

“No need to manually configure geo-fences; instead we were able to know when you’d entered a location and get you the right coupon offer via a notification,” Ted Mann, founder of SnipSnap, said in a statement.

The tech is pretty sophisticated, but again, it’s not brand new. In fact, Google (the same company that bought and crushed Dodgeball) has similar capabilities. But Crowley said he isn’t intimidated by the tech giant.

“It’s one thing to have it and another thing to give everyone the ability to do this. We designed this for people around the world,” Crowley said. “I don’t doubt that Google and Facebook have the ability to do this, but if you talk to a lot of developers you’ll learn that people don’t want to use the tools that these companies use because Google and Facebook [are] trying to take them out of business.”