GoodFor app is like sending a Snapchat with a promise

We’ve probably all been there. Stuck looking for a gift at the last minute, or trying to figure out a good way to say thanks to someone in a fun way, but coming up short. You know there’s always that little coupon book in the greeting card aisle of the convenience store, but that cheesy thing is always the absolute last resort. GoodFor is a new app that wants to remove the tackiness and replace it with something more modern, fun, and personal.

GoodFor is a side project from the makers of SnipSnap, an app for scanning and saving coupons, so it comes from a team already familiar with the art of couponing. Here, you get to make your own novelty coupons. Rather than just choosing from pre-made options – though there are templates and common coupons available – you snap a picture with your smartphone, add your own silly text to it, and send it off to the lucky recipient.