The Personal IOU Comes To Your Mobile Phone With GoodFor

With technology becoming more and more ubiquitous in our lives, we sometimes lose touch of those personal connections. It’s easy to work all the time, tune people out, and focus only on the massive amount of email we receive. We’re so “connected” all the time that we become out of touch with what’s happening right in front of our face.

You need to set aside some personal time with your friends and family. Let them know that you care, and give them all of your attention. But how, right? They’re likely just as “connected” as you are. Well, there’s an app for that.

Launching today, you can download an application to your iPhone called GoodFor. It allows you to create a personal IOU and send it to anyone you like via email or text message. They already have several very fun examples you can personalize in the app, and you also have the option to create one with your own photos.

The app is simple to use and fun. I’ve already sent a few to my friends and family.