The Styled Side: Halloween’s here, so it’s time for…Christmas shopping?!

Michelle Dalton Tyree with Fashion Trends Daily looks at how you might be shopping differently this holiday season.

What are some ways to get some really good deals, especially if you’re not the type to fight the crowds on Black Friday?

National Retail Federation CEO Matthew Shea says to expect store to offer exclusive online incentives, low prices, free shipping, price matching. And in fact, one app company has developed a feature just for price matching. And it’s launching next week just in time for holiday shopping. The company is called SnipSnap, and its a leading mobile coupon app with about 5 million users. They’re debuting a feature called Scout, which utilizes a mix of artificial intelligence and a human concierge to help you price match that product while you’re in store. So you take a pic of a product you want, the app then immediately does image recognition of the product, and then puts you in the concierge chat. It’s amazing if you want to price match in the store. If you’re interested, follow me on Twitter at @michelledtyree and I’ll tweet out the app.