Shopkick: Donate Kicks To American Red Cross for Hurricane Sandy Relief

It’s been a week since Hurricane Sandy devastated much of the North East, especially New York and the New Jersey shoreline. Social media’s giving us an all-too-revealing look at the damage; in the last few days my Facebook feed has been, well, flooded – with photographic evidence of all the damage sustained by people’s homes, vehicles, memories, etc. This is a good thing; it inspires the rest of us to give. But it’s really important to make sure what you’re giving can be received and put to good use by Sandy’s real life victims. I’ve recently read some interesting statisticsĀ about how to donate effectively. In short: Keep your clothes, shoes, and yard-sale eligible items to yourself. If you want to help, donate cash.

There are a lot of organizations that will accept your monetary contributions to Sandy relief. At the top of the list are local divisions of the American Red Cross. Want a bonus, super-easy mobile way to donate – no credit card required? If you’ve been accumulating kicks in the shopkick app like I have, you can now donate any and all of them (in 10-50 kick increments) to the American Red Cross, specifically for Hurricane Sandy disaster relief.

Just open the shopkick app, click through to the “Rewards” screen and select the American Red Cross option at the top. Determine how many kicks you want to donate by scrolling to the bottom of the screen and adjusting the number.

Remember: 250 kicks = one dollar, so use this conversion to make your donation. (You can currently only donate 50 kicks at a time, so you will have to go through this process more than once for larger donations.)

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