When Mobile Coupons and Discount Gift Cards Collide: Vol. 4

Happy Friday, everyone! We’re getting ready to head into the weekend, so I’m bringing you another installment of “When Mobile Coupons and Discount Gift Cards Collide.” I’ve been SnipSnapping for over a year now and, during that time, I’ve completely transformed the way I see and spend money. Smart phone technology simply makes it way easier to be a super-efficient, organized, high-achieving human being. Before mobile MP3 players and GPS running apps, I was a lot less fit. Before Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, I was a lot less social. And before mobile couponing apps like SnipSnap, well, let’s just say couponing was something I always “aspired” to do.

Now that I can organize my money and scout out deals from my phone, while I’m waiting in line at the grocery store, riding the train, or working the elliptical machine at the gym, I’ve realized how truly invested I am in saving money every second of the day. I save on everything with mobile coupons: my daily coffee fix, groceries, and fashion for every season. And the more money I’ve banked from mobile couponing, the more convenient, unconventional saving strategies I’ve sought out.

Recently, I learned about Gift Card Rescue, a phenomenal service that offers cash for unwanted gift cards others can buy at a discount rate. Who doesn’t have five or ten favorite stores? I grocery shop, clothes shop, and eat out at the same places all the time. By purchasing discount gift cards, I can save 5-20% every time I shop at my favorite stores, and that’s before I use my coupons! Check out this week’s mobile coupon/discount gift card match ups, to learn how you can stack two very easy, savvy saving strategies.

Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 1.54.59 PM

What you can save this week:


Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 12.54.27 PM


Discounted Walgreens Gift Card -> Purchased $42.69 gift card at 6% off ->Paid $40.12

Savings of $2.57

Purchase Allegra Allergy 180 mg Tablets 24 Hour -> Original $28.99 -> Sale $23.99

Savings of $5.00

SnipSnap $5 Off Allegra Allergy Purchase -> Original $23.99 -> With Coupon $18.99

Savings of $5.00

Total Savings with Gift Card Rescue, Store Sale, & SnipSnap -> $12.57


Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 1.15.09 PM


Discounted Bath & Body Works Gift Card -> Purchased $84.46 gift card at 12% off -> Paid $74.32

Savings of $10.14

Purchase 14 Signature Anti-Bacterial Foaming Hand Soaps -> Original $77.00 -> On Sale -> $40

Savings of $37.00

SnipSnap $10.00 Off $40 Purchase Coupon -> Original $40.00 -> With Coupon $30.00

Savings of $10.00

Total Savings with Gift Card Rescue, Store Sale, & SnipSnap -> $57.14


 Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 1.57.23 PM


Discounted Victoria’s Secret Gift Card -> Purchased $60.00 gift card at 10% off -> Paid $90.00

Savings of $6.00

Purchase Body by Victoria Perfect Coverage Bra -> Original $42.00 -> Sale $31.50

Savings of $10.50

SnipSnap $10 of a Bra Coupon-> Original $31.50 -> With Coupon $21.50

Savings of $10.00

Total Savings with Gift Card Rescue, Store Sale, & SnipSnap -> $26.50


Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 2.05.16 PM


 Discounted Sports Authority Gift Card -> Purchased $111.53 gift card at 15% off ->Paid $94.80

Savings of $16.73

Purchase TOMMY ARMOUR EVO Golf Stand Bag -> Original $129.99 -> Sale $109.99

Savings of $20.00

SnipSnap 20% Off Purchase $100 or More Coupon -> Original $109.99 -> With Coupon $87.99

Savings of $22.00

Total Savings with Gift Card Rescue & SnipSnap -> $58.73

Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 2.30.01 PM


Discounted Toys”R”Us Gift Card -> Purchased $100.00 gift card at 10% off -> Paid $90.00

Savings of $10.00

Purchase Summersault 4-Piece Crib Bedding Set -> Original $109.99

SnipSnap $30 off Crib Bedding Sets -> Original $109.99 -> With Coupon $79.99

Savings of $30.00

Total Savings with Gift Card Rescue & SnipSnap -> $40.00

Anne Cahalane from MomsThoughts: Teenagers Can SnipSnap Too!

Recently, I got the chance to catch up with Anne Cahalane from MomsThoughts. Anne hosts a no-holds-barred radio show about everything on every mom’s radar: kids, family, parenting, relationships, social media, and pop culture. Her personality is totally fun and completely contagious, which is probably why she’s gained a following of over 10,000 fans on Twitter. Anne’s also a prolific blogger; but busy MomsThoughts fans can get their fix by taking Anne’s podcasts with them on the go. Anne’s a super-mom, so she knows how to save – but, recently, parent-child roles reversed when her teenaged son taught her how to save a money using SnipSnap! I loved getting the chance to talk with Anne about how she balances motherhood, work, a successful podcast, and a love of social media. Here’s what she had to say:


Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 3.26.32 PM


My name is Anne and I am known in social media circles as “MomsThoughts.” I warn everyone that I always have an opinion and I am not afraid to share it. My passions in life begin and end with my children. They are everything to me. I also enjoy theater, music, photography, politics, pop culture, and my guilty pleasure: Bravo’s Real Housewives shows.

The MomsThoughts Show” was just a natural evolution. At my daughter’s urging, I joined Twitter about 4 years ago. I fell in love with the networking and all the really cool people I met. My tendency to over-share led to opportunities for a radio show. I enjoy having the opportunity to interview and learn more about people I admire. My topics and guests are chosen solely on the basis of who is interesting to me! My hope is they also interest others and, so far, it’s a winning strategy. I really get a kick out of doing this.

Of course, my website takes my over-sharing even further with my blog. I love to write. I employ the same strategy here and write about what interests me. This includes: theater, Real Housewives, the return of my favorite “soap operas”, etc.  But what I really love doing on my website is reviewing products and sharing tips. Basically, I love connecting with people. That is really the bottom line.

What is my parenting philosophy? I guess it is “Lead with Love.” I believe as parents we have a responsibility to raise competent, caring, self-fulfilled adults. I think we have a sacred obligation to our children and God to do everything possible to ensure our children realize their fullest potential. That can be difficult, exhausting and even heartbreaking at times. As a single parent, I find it especially challenging to be firm in disciplining my children, but I know it is my responsibility. I require a lot of them which can be hard at times. I want to jump in and do it all for them, but I know it is far more important they learn to do things for themselves. I am so very proud of the people my children have become.

My daughter Cait is 19-years-old. She just finished her Freshman year in college. She is a talented singer and student.  She just made The Dean’s List! I could not possibly be more proud of all she has accomplished. My son Ryan is a 17-year-old Junior in high school. He is an old soul with a wicked sense of humor. He does an amazing job of balancing school work, volunteer work, and a demanding part-time job, while enjoying a very active social life. Of course, both of my children have both always been required to help out around the house too! The most important lesson parents should teach their children? Be responsible and be kind.I am not great at traditional couponing, honestly, either because I can never keep clipped coupons organized or because I never remember to bring the right ones to the store. But I love saving money; I actually hate when I have to pay full price for anything! I have always been careful with money, but, as a single mom with one child in college, I find it even more important to save money whenever I can. I despise waste. I tend to only buy something if it is essential – and then I use it fully.

Since I am not great with cutting coupons and then remembering to bring them to grocery stores, I save money in other ways. I love using phone and computer apps. We enjoy traveling, going out to eat, going to see good theater, movies and concerts. I use hotel and travel sites. I use a credit card with reward points for hotels. I use Groupon and other group rate sites for discount tickets. I shop sales! If there’s a great sale, I’ll use it to stock up on things.

I learned about SnipSnap from my son! He has always had a taste for the finer things in life. He knows that I do not usually like the price that accompanies his tastes! Now that he is working and paying for a lot of things himself, he is well aware of the value of a dollar. It was like music to my ears when he told me about this app! He now, finally, “gets it”: saving money is good and smart! He actually came home the other night excited to tell me about how SnipSnap saved him money while he was out to dinner with his friends. What’s not to love about a 17-year-old excited to save money with coupons!

We all love technology and gadgets and we’re all about phone apps, so SnipSnap is perfect for all of us. My daughter is learning to live on a college student’s budget and saving money is crucial. Apps like SnipSnap make it so easy; you can’t lose. For someone like me, who can never get organized with paper coupons, SnipSnap is ideal. I am excited about all the money I will be saving! This is really the way of the future. Paper coupons are wasteful, tedious and archaic. The future is all about apps. In addiction to SnipSnap, I love using apps like Groupon, Deal Chicken, Hotel Tonight, Best Parking, Hotwire, BroadwayBox, Google Offers!


Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 2.47.59 PM


Thanks to Anne for taking the time out to chat with the Mo’ Money blog! Want more on The MomsThoughts Show? Make sure you “like” MomsThoughts on Facebook and follow Anne on Twitter!


3 Steps for Flagging Questionable Coupons

Lately, we’ve been receiving some questions/concerns from SnipSnap users regarding the types of coupons found in the SnipSnap app. The bottom line is that SnipSnap was conceived as an app which supports store coupons, exclusively. This is because store coupons are issued and supported by stores themselves and, therefore, stores should not require paper copies of their own coupons to be reimbursed. SnipSnap does not (yet) support manufacturer coupons, because these coupons are issued by product manufacturers and must be collected in print form for stores to keep track of these savings and be reimbursed for essentially fronting each deal. We’re currently working with top coupon industry clearinghouses and publishers to innovate a mobile manufacturer couponing system, which paperlessly reimburses stores for manufacturer offers shoppers redeem from their mobile phones. We’re excited about the prospect of disrupting the manufacturer coupon world the right way, so it’s win-win for everyone involved.

Over the last year, we’ve also developed numerous systems and safeguards to detect manufacturer coupons uploaded into the app. We do not want our users to upload or snip manufacturer deals, because that’s not why we created SnipSnap. Since implementing these safeguards, we’ve dramatically reduced the amount of manufacturer coupons in the app. We haven’t received a single complaint about manufacturer offers from stores or manufacturers, because the amount of manufacturer coupons that slip through our system’s ability to recognize and purge these deals is infinitesimally small.

We’re all about educating our users about how to best use the SnipSnap app to maximize their mobile savings. We want our users to use the app the right way, so they’re successful at saving the hundreds to thousands of dollars the average SnipSnapper saves with the app every year. If you’re new to SnipSnap, mobile couponing, or just couponing in general, make sure you check out our tutorials “Top 3 Questions to Ask Your Mobile Coupons” and “Can I Snip it? Manufacturer Vs. Store Coupons” to learn more about why only store coupons can be redeemed via the SnipSnap app and how to distinguish between store coupons and manufacturer coupons (which can sometimes look like store coupons).

So, now that you can tell the difference between manufacturer coupons and store coupons in the SnipSnap app, what do you do if you discover a rogue manufacturer coupon in the app?

Report it!

We’ve made it easy for our users to report coupons that just don’t cut it – for whatever reason. You may find a coupon that’s actually not a coupon, a coupon that’s issued by a manufacturer, or a coupon that’s so blurry it’s barely recognizable. Here are 3 (illustrated!) steps for reporting a defunct deal:

1. Determine whether a deal is not a deal. Here is coupon that is not actually a coupon. It’s simply a picture of an indeterminate store advertisement and can not be redeemed. (You can see that the offer could not be assign to a store, because it’s missing essential coupon information).


Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 2.10.52 PM


2. Report the coupon. Tap the arrow icon in the top right-hand corner of the coupon screen to access the option menu and then select “Report this Coupon”.


Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 2.05.58 PM


3. Select why you want to report the coupon. Select the option from the list that best describes why you think the coupon in question is unacceptable.


Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 2.11.26 PM


That’s it! Once you submit the coupon report, the coupon will be removed from the public database, so other users will not be able to see or snip it. And we will immediately get to work examining the report and making sure that kind of coupon can’t make it through to the app again.


Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 2.11.49 PM


Any questions, comments? Feel free to email me: liz [at] snipsnap [dot] it!