Recycle Your Clothes for Coupons at H&M

Screen Shot 2013-04-08 at 1.51.50 PMIt’s spring! I hope your weekend was as wonderfully warm as mine. I’m getting ready to do a ton of spring cleaning; I have lots of clothes that I’ve been holding onto (I can be a wee bit sentimental) that I actually never plan on wearing again. I also have lots of clothes that are quite simply falling apart because I’ve worn them so many times. If you live a frugal life (you must if you’re reading this blog) then, hopefully, you’ve never committed the cardinal sin of simply throwing last season’s clothes away. There are simply tons of organizations to which you can donate your old clothes. But what if your clothes are so worn out that you’re convince nobody would want them? Or what if you really need a little extra cash to justify filling the holes in your wardrobe with some new warm weather pieces?

Good news! While some companies like Plato’s Closet will buy your brand name, gently worn duds, they won’t accept those Target sweatpants with the hole worn in the butt. Who will take your frumpy sweatpants? H&M will! And they will basically pay you to take any garment, of any brand, in any condition. How does it work? Just bring a bag of old clothing into any H&M store and receive a coupon for 15% off the next H&M item you purchase:

Through this global initiative, H&M’s customers can help save natural resources and contribute to reduced environmental impact by avoiding textile waste. Any piece of clothing, from any brand, and in any condition will be accepted. In return, customers will receive a voucher for each bag of clothing donated for 15% off their next item purchased.

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