Stacking SnipSnap Success at Sports Authority

If you’re an exercise addict like me, you’ll get this. Even if you’re not an exercise freak, you’ll get a kick out of triple stacking mobile coupons and in-store savings to score $100 worth of work-out gear (including a sweet pair of Nike Frees) for just 50 bucks with your smart phone. Oh yeah, and you’ll love earning an additional 5% back.

Here’s the great thing about being a mobile coupon extraordinaire: you don’t have to plan any of this out. Yesterday, I had a slight running shoe emergency and needed to make a mad dash to my local Sports Authority. I arrived with a tired boyfriend and just 1/2 hour to shop. I needed: a pair of awesome neon Nikes, running shorts, and a heap of running socks. I did not need: to pay anywhere close to full price.

I immediately fell in love with a pair of shocking salmon Nike Flex Frees that were on sale for $74.99, down from $85.00:

The in-store sale price was a good place to start, but I knew I could do better, so I quickly SnipSnapped a Sports Authority coupon for $10 off a $50 purchase or $20 off a $100 purchase. (Get SnipSnap !) Off the clearance rack, I snagged a pair of shorts for $10, plus six pairs of bamboo Adidas running socks for $16 total (they’re normally $18 for 2-4 pairs.) I bought a Pepsi for the tired boyfriend.

Here was where things got tricky. If you know me, you know I’m conducting an ongoing shopkick experiment to see if it’s really possible to score huge rewards with your kicks. I could have traded a little over 6,000 kicks for a mobile $25 Sports Authority gift card right there and brought my savings to $50 (shopkick rewards are gift cards, so they stack with in-store coupons just like a plastic Sports Authority gift card would). After some deliberation, I decided to keep my kicks. Only because I’m close to trading them in for another, entirely free pair of Nike Frees.

My cashier was really, really excited about redeeming my SnipSnap coupon. He just typed in the promo code and I was good to go.

Want even more stackable savings? Sign up for The League program and start earning 5% back on your Sports Authority purchases. After each earning period (this one’s good from October 1-December 31), you’ll receive your Rewards Bucks in the mail. Make sure you SnipSnap them so you don’t lose them, and mark them private because they’re one-time use only you earned them for buying stuff!

Want even more savings for the future? Sign up for Sports Authority emails, and you’ll receive an email coupon for $10 off your next in-store purchase that you can redeem straight from your smart phone the next time you shop. Submit your mobile phone number and you’ll start receive text offers and alerts from Sports Authority too.

Oh yeahhhhhhh

Bonus Tip: Did you know that Sports Authority honors Dick’s coupons, too? There are tons of coupons for Sports Authority and Dick’s in the SnipSnap database. Make sure you consult both to make sure you save the most!