West Elm Added to Shopkick Roster – What’s Next?

Shopkick is adding new store cards and lookbooks to shopkick 3.0.1 every day. (New to shopkick, the app that pays you to shop? Read my review here.) Today, I discovered the addition of West Elm, complete with 45 walk-in kicks and sparkly, festive lookbooks.

It’s really exciting to see shopkick add more stores like Urban Outfitters, DSW, Ulta, and Bath & Body Works. But those stores aren’t doing any real work yet for shopkickers, since they’re not offering any walk-in or item scan kicks. I’m waiting to see whether these stores are in a transition period toward kicks or not. It would only make sense for shopkick to make all participating stores walk-in kick worthy, since lookbooks without rewards are a pretty huge waste of space.

Regardless, since the release of the new, revamped shopkick, I’ve seen a lot of improvement in the number of kicks I can collect. Yesterday, I unlocked 300 walk-in kicks at Target. Today, I’m eligible for:

100 at Aerie

100 at Crate&Barrel

100 at American Eagle

100 at Macy’s

125 at Best Buy

That’s 525 kicks (about two dollars worth) I’ll earn just by strolling the mall.

If you’re doing some shopping this weekend, make sure you use this Macy’s Election Day Sale WOW! Pass for an extra 15-20% off already reduced clothing, jewelry, and accessories. Holiday shopping season starts now. Happy November!