Giant SCAN IT! + SnipSnap Success

Here is what I know about myself, when it comes to grocery shopping:

I almost always go when I’m extremely hungry.
I almost always buy the same exact things.
I hate to wait in line (because I’m usually extremely hungry).
I don’t really like it when people touch my food.
I LOVE interactive, mobile coupons, but only when they’re relevant to me and what I plan on buying.

I went to Giant with the boyfriend recently to test out the SCAN IT! self-checkout operation. (You can also use SCAN IT! at Stop&Shop stores.) The system utilizes hand-held key pads and now Android and iOS apps (which turn your personal phone into your self-checkout tool) so shoppers can actually ring up their groceries as they shop and check out quickly and easily when they’re finished. We decided to grab a keypad and give it a shot since we were only planning on buying a few items. I was a little apprehensive that the SCAN IT! key pads would slow things down more than they sped them up (Dan was not apprehensive at all because he got his very own scanning gun) but I was hopeful the experience would turn out to be everything it was chalked up to be.

Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 12.13.35 AM


It was! The best part about the SCAN IT! system? Personalized coupons. As soon as we scanned our Giant loyalty card into the key pad, it recognized exactly what we like to buy. Dan is addicted to veggie chips and purchases at least three bags during every grocery shopping trip. SCAN IT! knew this, and sent us an offer for veggie chips, before we even added anything to our cart.


Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 12.08.24 AM


We received a half dozen more offers on our SCAN IT! device; some of them were tempting, but we only buy items we intend on buying without a coupon, so we didn’t use any other SCAN IT! mobile offers.

We did, however make use of some SnipSnap mobile coupons. When you use the SCAN IT! system, you bag items as you go and then you check out at a SCAN IT!-supported self-checkout station or your regular cashier checkout aisle. In both cases, you have the opportunity to scan and redeem additional coupons. The SnipSnap app is loaded with great Giant store coupons for essentials just about everyone needs. I redeemed these offers for salad, milk, and meat.

Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 10.51.34 PM

Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 10.51.57 PM

Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 12.08.58 AM


I’m definitely a fan of SCAN IT! The system was hassle free me and I love that it affords me a new way to redeem paperless coupons.

If you shop at Giant and you’re looking for effortless ways to save, make sure you sign up for a store loyalty card. Utilize the free SCAN IT! self-checkout option, SnipSnap store coupons, and check out the Endorse app to see if you can earn money back on current qualifying purchases. If you shop at Stop&Shop, you can use all four of the above mobile savings methods, plus the Ibotta app for more mobile money-back opportunities. Check out the video below to learn more about SCAN IT! technology:


Save Over 50% on Your Favorite Fast Food Lunch When you Stack SnipSnap + Endorse

Fast food isn’t what it used to be ten years ago; back then, you were pretty limited in your choices of burgers and fries. But, today, you pretty much have free range at your favorite fast food joint; from flavored lattes to fresh, low fat salads, you can actually eat well and put a little pep in your step with a fast food lunch. Fast food is not the enemy – if you know how to read nutrition facts and fill up on green side dishes instead of supersize fries. I’ve been craving a fast food pit stop lately, I think because there is something about a quick, bagged lunch you can eat contentedly from your parked car that screams summer. Not only is fast food now more calorie-conscious, it’s also way more budget-friendly, thanks to the advent of mobile couponing apps. If you follow me in the SnipSnap app, you know I’m constantly collecting top, high-value fast food coupons in my Fast Food coupon bundle. Inside this coupon bundle, you’ll find tons of offers for free coffee and tea, BOGO sandwiches and salads, and complementary side dishes, for a whole host of popular joints, like Arby’s, Sonic, and Wendy’s. Bonus Fast Food Savings Opportunity: my favorite mobile money-back app, Endorse, which reimburses shoppers a percentage of select purchases for uploading their receipts, is now branching out into offering fast food discounts too. Right now, in the Endorse app, there’s an offer for 10% off your entire fast food purchase (up to $2) when you correctly uploaded your entire receipt.


Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 12.21.49 PM


Best part about this deal? It’s completely compatible with SnipSnap store coupons! Pair this offer with a SnipSnap BOGO deal, and you’re saving over 50% on an already affordable lunch. Score!

Check out some of the hot fast food coupons in the SnipSnap app right now:

BOGO Beef N’ Cheddar, Classic, or Roast Turkey sandwiches at Arby’s:


Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 12.21.04 PM


$2 off Any Full Size Salad at Wendy’s:


Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 12.20.51 PM


BOGO Fruit Tea Fusion Drinks at McDonald’s:


Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 12.21.17 PM


What’s your favorite fast food meal? More importantly: What’s your favorite fast food restaurant for snagging serious savings with mobile coupons?



Save 50% on Diapers and Get a $20 Toys”R”Us Gift Card with Endorse and SnipSnap

Screen Shot 2013-04-24 at 5.26.23 PMI read about a ton of couponers using Ibotta to earn money back on grocery and personal care purchases at dozens of compatible grocery stores across the county. I love Ibotta! More often than not, I can make good use out of an Ibotta offer or two whenever I visit my local Target or CVS. (New to Ibotta? Read one of my reviews here.) I love being able to earn money on brand names, just by scanning my receipt into a convenient, interactive app. But I’m also really picky about my purchases, so learning I could earn money back on items of my brand of choice using the Endorse app really made my day! (Read my official comparison between Endorse and Ibotta here.)

There are lots of great offers in the Endorse app this week! (Hurry, this batch expires tomorrow, April 24.) The best of the best? Oh, just this offer for 50% back (up to $5) on absolutely any brand/quantity of diapers of your choosing. If you’re a mom or a dad, Endorse is a mobile app you absolutely have to add; this offer is reoccurring, so you’ll be Screen Shot 2013-04-24 at 5.32.53 PMable to score 50% back on diapers with the Endorse app every couple of months.

Remember, the best way to save with your smartphone is to stack your mobile savings. You can use this Endorse offer with this SnipSnap Babies”R”Us/Toys”R”Us store coupon for a free $20 gift card with the purchase of 2 boxes of Huggies 104-ct. diapers. That’s a $25 savings on diapers, with just a few swift seconds on your smartphone!