SnipSnap SuperStar: Lyndsey Hood

Did you know one of the best places to SnipSnap is the pet store? There are dozens of coupons in the SnipSnap app for (sometimes free!) pet food and accessories at major pet store chain retailers. I love scoring free cat food for my little guy, Mario (he loves it too). Recently I got to chat with Lyndsey Hood, one of our experienced SnipSnap users from Haddock, Georgia, who regularly uses the app to save almost 50% on everything she buys for her pit bull puppy, Nugget. I asked her a few questions about her mobile couponing strategy. Here’s what she had to share:
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Hi, Lyndsey! How did you start couponing?
I began couponing in Spring, 2011. I pretty much taught myself by going to the grocery store, studying store offers, and taking notes from
How did you learn about SnipSnap? What has your experience with the app been like?
I found SnipSnap by searching for coupon apps in the app store on my phone. My experience has been awesome so far! It is so convenient to search for the store you want to shop at when you’re planning a trip and it’s great when you see a good coupon.
What is the best/most memorable purchase you’ve made with SnipSnap?
I think the purchase I was most excited about was made at PetSmart. I saved 45% with the help of SnipSnap, store sales, and manufacturer coupons. I was excited because SnipSnap had a coupon for $2 off a pet tag purchase and that was one of the items I was going to get anyway!
How does traditional couponing compare to couponing with SnipSnap?
With traditional couponing, you have to devote a lot of time to cutting and clipping and searching for deals. But with SnipSnap, you just have to take a picture or search for a store/coupon and the work is done!
Do you have any tips or tricks to using SnipSnap that you could share? What is your SnipSnap strategy? Just make sure you have a full battery! I was Christmas shopping at the Gap Outlet and my battery nearly died before the cashier could scan my coupon! Also, don’t forget to search for the store you want before you go shopping. Nothing is worse than finding a coupon you could have used after you go shopping.
What stores do you use SnipSnap at most? I SnipSnap most at Rue 21, PetSmart and Gap.
Do you use any other mobile couponing apps? If so, which are your favorite and why? I use Ibotta, Endorse, and SavingStar. Ibotta is my favorite of these because Ibotta offers are easily matched with sales and coupons to save the most money!
How much money have you saved with SnipSnap and what do you plan to do with your savings? I have saved about $200 using the app so far. I put the money toward other things my boyfriend and I need.
What do you think about the future of couponing? Will we see a complete transition to mobile coupons, or will print coupons always have their place? I think there will always be print coupons but eventually more stores will begin using mobile or ecoupons as well. I prefer print coupons. I think that, with the popularity of Extreme Couponing, manufacturers have put more restrictions and limitations on their coupons but, hopefully, when the craze fades, the coupons will get better!

SnipSnap with Coupon Mom

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 1.10.22 PMYou’ve probably seen Coupon Mom on TV; she’s been Oprah and Dr. Oz’s go-to super-saver for expert, extreme couponing advice the last few years and has been making media appearances since 2004. Since most television coupon stars are paper coupon queens, you probably wouldn’t think Coupon Mom knows a thing about saving with her cell phone too. But, alas, Coupon Mom is using the SnipSnap app! Extreme couponers are notorious for being hyper-organized – they have to be – but no matter how efficient your coupon binder, it’s always easier to digitally organize your savings. (Especially if you’re like me and can barely remember your wallet when you go shopping.) Check out Coupon Mom’s site for her Extreme couponing tips and make sure you download SnipSnap in the app store and now in Google Play!

Couponing with TLC’s Extreme Couponing All-Star Michelle Waggoner

Recently, I was lucky enough to chat with one of TLC’s Extreme Couponers, Michelle Waggoner. She and her husband Cory donned camo and grease paint to battle it out with other superhero, supermarket savers last December on Extreme Couponing All-Stars. But you should know that they’re superheros in real life too, teaching couponing classes in their community and donating essentials from their mammoth stock pile to feed families in need. Even though Michelle is a wife and busy mother of two, she finds time to coupon so effectively that she’s creating a debt-free, abundant life for her family. What’s so great about Michelle is she’s a sort of “holistic” couponer – her website,, is filled with tips on how to simplify your life and save outside of couponing – by discovering delicious, budget friendly recipes and creating your own staples, like dish soap, out of stuff you already have in your home.

Here’s what Michelle had to say about her couponing philosophy:

MM: How did you start couponing?

MW: I started couponing a little over 4 years ago after I quit my job and became a stay-at-home mom. We struggled after going down to one income so I wanted to find some way I could contribute. I saw a story about these people that were saving a ton of money with coupons and I didn’t believe it. I decided that was something I could try, so I gave it a shot and here we are.

MM: How has couponing changed your life?

MW: Couponing has impacted us in a big, big way. We have changed the way we buy everything and the way we live our lives. We’ve gotten through some tough situations, been able to give more than we ever thought possible, been able to help people make changes to their lives, and even been able to start a business and create a DVD to help teach others to save with coupons. Our goal is to become and then live debt free and couponing has been an important part of our plan to get there. It’s been such a blessing.

MM: What is the best/most memorable purchase you’ve made with coupons?

MW: Other than the two shopping trips for the TLC shows, the coolest purchase was actually done by my kids. I was getting a product that, with the coupon, had significant overage. So I let them each pick out a toy. I had them each checkout with the item and their toy and use the coupon. They each got a couple of dollars back even after the overage. That was pretty cool and they were really excited.

MM: What’s the number one myth about couponing you’d love to debunk?

MW: That people don’t have time to coupon. The Wall Street Journal did a story back in 2010 showing that clipping coupons for one hour could yield approximately $100 in savings. $100 for one hour of work couponing. That’s a pretty good hourly rate. I’m sure most people spend more than an hour each evening in front of the TV. Why not clip coupons, while you’re watching TV, and save enough money off your grocery bill to pay the cable bill? People make time for the things they think are important. So if saving money, or having more money in your budget for other things is important, then people need to make time to coupon.

MM: What’s the top piece of advice you’d give new couponers?

MW: Two things. First, start small. Try couponing at one store, or focus on just a couple of products at first. It seems like people think they need to be able to save 95% on their shopping trip right out of the gate to justify using coupons, which is absolutely not the case. Any savings is worth the time and effort. Second, pay attention to when you’re using your coupons. Be sure to use them at the best possible time; when the product goes on sale.

MM: How do you get the whole family involved in couponing? How can couponing become fun and
educational for kids?

MW: Couponing for us is a family affair. My kids are 8 and 5 and most weeks they help sort and stack the coupon inserts while my husband and I separate the inserts and cut out the coupons. It’s just part of what we do in our family routine during the week. The kids go shopping with me all the time and when I need to break up my order into separate transactions, they each get their stack of coupons and the amount of cash they’ll need to pay for the transaction and I let them checkout, too. They love it because they get the opportunity to do “grown up” things.

My kids are learning at a very young age how to manage money and how to be savvy shoppers. They know we don’t buy snacks or toys without coupons. I hope they will see us being that way and that’ll stick with them throughout their lives so they’ll be able to avoid some of the same issues we’ve gone through.

MM: How do you envision the future of couponing with mobile and digital technology?

MW: I think mobile and digital technology is going to continue to increase their role in the couponing world. More and more people are using smartphones and tablets for everything in their lives. Non-smart phones are becoming more obsolete every day, so it makes sense that mobile couponing is going to evolve.

MM: What other methods besides couponing do you use to save?

MW: We aren’t just frugal when it comes to grocery shopping. We’ve taken those skills and ideas and transferred them to other areas of our life as well. We plant a huge garden with my parents to have fresh produce all summer long, but we also try to preserve as much as we can to get us through the rest of the year. We hunt and fish, raise chickens for fresh eggs, raise cows for fresh beef and even make our own laundry and dishwasher detergent.

Make sure you “like” Michelle on Facebook, follow her on Twitter, visit, and take advantage of Michelle’s coupon advice, updates + delicious frugal recipes and DIY money-savers (like her formula for DIY laundry detergent!)