SnipSnap SuperStar: Lyndsey Hood

Did you know one of the best places to SnipSnap is the pet store? There are dozens of coupons in the SnipSnap app for (sometimes free!) pet food and accessories at major pet store chain retailers. I love scoring free cat food for my little guy, Mario (he loves it too). Recently I got to chat with Lyndsey Hood, one of our experienced SnipSnap users from Haddock, Georgia, who regularly uses the app to save almost 50% on everything she buys for her pit bull puppy, Nugget. I asked her a few questions about her mobile couponing strategy. Here’s what she had to share:
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Hi, Lyndsey! How did you start couponing?
I began couponing in Spring, 2011. I pretty much taught myself by going to the grocery store, studying store offers, and taking notes from
How did you learn about SnipSnap? What has your experience with the app been like?
I found SnipSnap by searching for coupon apps in the app store on my phone. My experience has been awesome so far! It is so convenient to search for the store you want to shop at when you’re planning a trip and it’s great when you see a good coupon.
What is the best/most memorable purchase you’ve made with SnipSnap?
I think the purchase I was most excited about was made at PetSmart. I saved 45% with the help of SnipSnap, store sales, and manufacturer coupons. I was excited because SnipSnap had a coupon for $2 off a pet tag purchase and that was one of the items I was going to get anyway!
How does traditional couponing compare to couponing with SnipSnap?
With traditional couponing, you have to devote a lot of time to cutting and clipping and searching for deals. But with SnipSnap, you just have to take a picture or search for a store/coupon and the work is done!
Do you have any tips or tricks to using SnipSnap that you could share? What is your SnipSnap strategy? Just make sure you have a full battery! I was Christmas shopping at the Gap Outlet and my battery nearly died before the cashier could scan my coupon! Also, don’t forget to search for the store you want before you go shopping. Nothing is worse than finding a coupon you could have used after you go shopping.
What stores do you use SnipSnap at most? I SnipSnap most at Rue 21, PetSmart and Gap.
Do you use any other mobile couponing apps? If so, which are your favorite and why? I use Ibotta, Endorse, and SavingStar. Ibotta is my favorite of these because Ibotta offers are easily matched with sales and coupons to save the most money!
How much money have you saved with SnipSnap and what do you plan to do with your savings? I have saved about $200 using the app so far. I put the money toward other things my boyfriend and I need.
What do you think about the future of couponing? Will we see a complete transition to mobile coupons, or will print coupons always have their place? I think there will always be print coupons but eventually more stores will begin using mobile or ecoupons as well. I prefer print coupons. I think that, with the popularity of Extreme Couponing, manufacturers have put more restrictions and limitations on their coupons but, hopefully, when the craze fades, the coupons will get better!