SnipSnap Success at Fright Factory: Philadelphia

It’s been sort of warm lately so, in order to feel a little more Halloween-y, the boyfriend and I decided to hit up a haunted attraction this past Saturday night. We wanted to try a new, more extreme, underground sort of haunted house, so we chose Fright Factory¬† in Philadelphia. Since I absolutely refuse to pay full price for anything (voluntary terror included), I SnipSnapped a $5 off single admission coupon:

Turns out, mobile coupons are completely redeemable at Fright Factory; you can SnipSnap a print ad or just display the coupon from on your smartphone screen. (You can also use the promo code to get discounted tickets online.) Success!

Fright Factory’s haunted venue is an incredibly old warehouse-turned-insane-asylum inside the city. It was actually kind of creepy just driving up to the building, since it’s sort of isolated an authentically old. The tour was super-well organized and, without giving too much away, continuously interactive (even in line). The actors were very in character and could completely personalized how they worked your individual nerves. Performers used more than “jump out and scream” tactics; at one point, I had a “Scooby-Doo” moment, in which I mistook an actress in my periphery for the boyfriend (who was supposed to be protecting me). Suffice it to say, she scared the crap out of me when I realized what she was doing. If you don’t want ghost guts all over you, don’t worry: there’s a no touch policy at Fright Factory and, even though all the actors were incredibly disgusting to look at, they all had remarkably fresh breath.

We’re definitely planning to visit more haunted attractions (there are a ton of festive ways to freak yourself out in Philly). When we finished the Fright Factory tour, we got a coupon booklet with $5-$8 dollar off coupons for all the 13 Haunts’ Philadelphia attractions, so I’ve got plenty of SnipSnapping opportunities. If you plan on visiting a lot of haunted houses this Halloween, it really pays to coupon. We saved ten bucks between us and put it towards a fancy Italian dinner.

Couponing your way through ghost tours is just one way you can save this holiday season. Check out Mo’ Money’s “Ten Ways to Save this Halloween” for more!