The Wonderful World of Discount Gift Cards:

Liz, here! I’m passionate about blogging all things mobile couponing: which apps will save you the most money and how you can stack multiple mobile savings methods together to score the best deal at the mall or your favorite restaurant. Once I started using SnipSnap to cut virtually all my shopping receipts, I started to explore other web-based ways to save without spending a lot of time or energy. Recently, I discovered, a site that lets users trade unwanted gift cards to over 250 popular retailers for cash. I thought to myself: score! I know tons of people (school teachers definitely included) who receive tons of gift cards they’ll never use every year. I also know lots of people (I include myself in this group) who are die-hard shoppers at certain retailers and would love to buy discounted gift cards to stores they love to shop at. This week, I got the chance to talk to Carrie Brenner, who blogs about Gift Card Rescue and overall frugal living advice at Here is what she had to say about how to pocket extra cash with gift card exchange:Screen Shot 2013-04-19 at 3.17.21 PM

Have you ever received a gift card to a merchant you didn’t shop at? What about a restaurant that’s not located in your area? These gift cards just end up sitting in your wallet for long periods of time and take up space.  Don’t worry, you’re not alone. According to CEB TowerGroup, the amount of money left unspent on gift cards last year totaled $1.7 billion. Now, that’s a lot of unspent cash!

Well, thanks to you can say goodbye to all your pesky unused gift cards! allows you to exchange your unwanted gift cards for cash or Amazon credit. They also sell gift cards from over 250 merchants at a discount. That’s right; you can get a $50 gift card and only pay $40 for it! Where else can you do that?!

Another great thing about purchasing a discounted gift card is that it allows you to save even more! When you combine a discounted gift card with coupons and store sales you can maximize your savings. If you want to make things even easier, stack your coupons by using the SnipSnap mobile couponing app. With the SnipSnap app, you can avoid the hassle of clipping millions of coupons and you’ll no longer have to worry about leaving them at home!

As far as the exchange process, makes buying or selling a gift card extremely easy with their online system. If you’re selling a gift card you simply click on the appropriate tab. Once you’re on the “Sell Gift Cards” page, you’ll enter the gift card’s merchant, face value, and expiration date. After this information has been submitted, you’ll be given an offer for your gift card instantly. Two offers will be presented; a cash offer and an Amazon offer. The Amazon offer is 5 percent more than the cash offer and is sent to you via e-mail as an e-code. Once you’ve selected your preferred method of payment, you’ll be given instructions on how to mail your gift card in and complete the transaction. When receives your gift card, they’ll verify its value and send your payment within the next 2-3 business days.

If you’re buying a gift card, you’ll start by clicking the “Buy Gift Cards” tab on the homepage. Once you’ve done so, you’ll be redirected to a page with all their current gift cards in stock. Each merchant is listed by category with its current discount. When you click on the merchant, you can view the gift card details such as, the number of gift cards in stock, the face value of each gift card, and the discounted price of the gift card. Once you decide what you’d like to buy, simply select the card and proceed to check out. When payment is received, will mail you your gift card within 2-3 business days. Oh, I can’t forget to mention that standard shipping is free! provides consumers with a unique and useful service. Now that I’ve been purchasing discounted gift cards, I don’t think I can ever go back to paying full price for one at a store. Especially during these economically challenging times, every little bit really adds up!

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Freebies and Delicious Eats: Follow These Blogs

I’m a holistic couponer. I like life and simple things. Which is why I love learning from bloggers who live and eat on the cheap, Screen Shot 2013-04-17 at 2.52.47 PMwhile having tons of fun with their families. I love collecting recipes and DIY ideas. And I also love learning how to make over my favorite foods to save money and calories at the same time. So, today, I’d love to share with you some of my favorite frugal living/delicious eats blogs. When you’re living the good life, it never hurts to have a guru.

My Sweet Savings: Heather from My Sweet Savings writes a really fabulous blog that is always up-to-the minute on ways to use coupons and store promotions to get (almost) anything for free or close to it! Heather’s blog is extremely well organized and comprehensive; just today she’s posted deals for free food, drug store products, and even a free baby sling for new moms.

Mom’s Blog at Mommy Enterprises: Stefani is pretty much supermom; she has four kids and she’s also a student, super product reviewer, and chef. Her blog is a beautiful collage of her life as a mom and it’s filled with fun recipes (S’mores pizza, anyone?) and parenting inspiration. You can find more of Stefani’s recipes at her other blog: This Mom Can Cook

Simply Real Moms: Emily, Erin, and Jasmine are all totally real moms to young children who write a real mom friendly blog about everything under the sun, from fashion, to parenting advice, to craft ideas, to pregnancy survival tips.

Life with The Crust Cut off: Parrish is a blogger faithful to what life as a mom is really like. I’m most in love with her gorgeous, ultra-comprehensive recipe section filled with kid-friendly (Read: super-busy-grown-up-writer friendly) eats like three ingredient butterfingers.

Snack Girl: Lisa is a Ph.D. who is passionate about healthy eating. Her blog is funny, witty and full of wonderful food makeover recipes (my favorite is this Lighter Cheese Danish recipe) and honest healthy food product reviews.Screen Shot 2013-04-17 at 2.52.17 PM

Frugality for Less: Vera is a Philly mom who’s passionate about sharing freebies and up-to-the-minute coupons. Her blog is also dedicating to teaching  new couponers the r opes with easy beginner tips and tricks.

We Use Coupons: Nathan is a young dad and husband who is crazy about couponing – in a good way. He started couponing to pull his family out of debt and hasn’t looked back since. His blog is full of couponing motivation and inspiration, plus hot deals, coupon match-ups, and freebies.

Sonya’s Happenings with Gracie’s Tween Thoughts: Sonia and Gracie are an extremely adorable mother/daughter couponing/frugal living machine! Their blog is frequently updated with hot coupons, web giveaways, and product reviews. If you’re a mom, and you’re looking for inspirational ways to raise entrepreneurial, frugal kids, this is the blog to follow.