SnipSnap Your Easter Sunday Best at JCPenney

You all know I’m pretty obsessed with building my spring wardrobe on a budget: (check out how I’m shopping fScreen Shot 2013-03-25 at 1.30.25 PMor $5 sundresses/rompers at Forever 21). Recently, I’ve been hunting for Easter Sunday wardrobe inspiration, so I was really stoked when one of my favorite YouTubers, StilaBabe09, uploaded this Easter Sunday Outfit inspiration video. I love the budget-friendly, easy-to-find pieces featured in this collection of looks which range from casual to church appropriate. I’m loving the first, free-spirit look, featuring a top from JCPenney and shorts from Forever 21. I’m also loving this coupon for $10 off $25 at JCPenScreen Shot 2013-03-25 at 2.10.54 PMney, which makes the whole outfit even more of a steal. If you want a continuous, happy stream of affordable fashion inspiration in your life, make sure you subscribe to Meredith’s channel, check her out on Facebook and, of course, SnipSnap the right coupons to score her look for even less!

Are You Using Text Coupons? 10 Stores to Get You Started

Text coupons are a totally convenient, easy way to stay connected to your favorite stores/eateries and their latest sales and promotions. When you sign up for your favorite store’s text messaging service, you’ll get savings opportunities fast, and, most of the time, you don’t even need a smart phone to use them.

Text coupons usually come with a code and a short expiration date. Here’s one I received for Jo-Ann Fabrics yesterday:

A lot of times, a retailer’s text coupons won’t be much different than those you can find in print, online, or in the store’s own app. This is the case with the above Jo-Ann coupon. But some stores, like Target, offer great, exclusive savings through their text messaging services. Target text coupons are cool because they send you to a website, where you can see what you’re saving on and your cashier can scan a special bar code.

The great thing about all text coupons is that they’re loud. They let you know when they’re there without any effort on your part. You don’t have to go digging for text coupons like other offers in print ads, smart phone apps, or online. Text coupons really make it impossible not to save.

Here are ten great retailers you should be getting text messages from now:

  1. Arby’s: Arby’s offers great deals and freebie text messages all the time. Go here to sign up or text CLUB to 27297 . (Up to 6 messages/week)
  2. Bath & Body Works: BBW offers exclusive promos and previews to text message subscribers. To sign up, visit this page or text BBW to LUVBBW (588229). (Up to 6 messages/month)
  3. Dollar General: DG offers great coupons like codes for $5 off $25 purchases. Go here to sign up or text SAVE to DGTXT [34898] (Up to 5 messages/month)
  4. JcPenney: JcPenney’s text messaging service offers coupons, promotions, plus sweepstakes and giveaways. Visit here to sign up. (Up to 8 messages/month)
  5. Jo-Ann: I love Jo-Ann texts and they’re easy to redeem. To sign up, text BEADS to 56266 (JOANN) (Up to 3 messages/month)
  6. Kohl’s: -Kohl’s text messaging service is designed to alert subscribers to sales and promotions. Sign up, and you’ll get a code for 10% off your next purchase. Visit here, or text SAVE to the KOHLS (56457). (Up to 5 messages/month)
  7. Old Navy: Go here to sign up for exclusive info on deals and events. (Up to 1 message/week)
  8. Sears: Sears’ text messages offer exclusive deals, promotions, and updates. Go here to sign up.
  9. Target: Target text messages are some of my favorites. They come in coupon bundles that have great variety – you can get savings on cosmetic items, clothes, and baby food in just one text message. Go here to sign up. (Up to 5 messages/month)
  10. Walgreens: Walgreens’ text service offers exclusive deals and coupons. Go here to sign up or text GOMOBLIE to 21525. (Up to 5 messages/month)