SnipSnap for Android gets Gizmodo’s Seal of Approval

Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 2.40.38 PMSnipSnap for Android has been getting lots of love from users and tech writers alike! Check out SnipSnap’s feature in Gizmodo’s Android Apps of the Week. This week’s collection of apps, including Keep, Instructables, and, of course, SnipSnap makes it impossible for Android users not to be frugal, organized, and ultra-productive this spring.

Here’s what Gizmodo had to say about Android’s new extreme couponing app:

You don’t have to have been on an episode of Extreme Couponers to know the joys of saving a few pennies here and there. And especially now with SnipSnap, which has been available for iOS but just came to Android, you can go as coupon crazy as you want without your house looking like a paper shredding factory. The app collects digital images of coupons for you, and it will even let you know once you enter certain stores which coupons are waiting for you. Plus, it’s free, so you’re already saving.

Are you saving a ton of money with SnipSnap for Android? I want to hear about your experience! Email me at liz [at] snipsnap [dot] it.