20% off Kohl’s Coupon + Gorgeous Spring Style Inspiration

Screen Shot 2013-04-10 at 3.11.15 PMI like having a game plan when I shop. Of course, I always make sure I SnipSnap the latest coupons to my favorite stores (H&M, Forever 21, Kohl’s, and Macy’s, to name a few), but I like to make sure my game plan covers more than just how I plan to save. Since I pride myself on being able to save time and money simultaneously, I like to plan what I’m actually going to buy with my coupons. It’s so much easier and more time efficient to shop a store via inspiration look books by your favorite fashion bloggers. Headed to Kohl’s his weekend? Make sure you snip this coupon for 20% off your entire purchase. And check out these amazing fashion bloggers for tips on how to style Kohl’s fashion. Here are my top Kohl’s fashion stylists:

Lydia from Chic on the Cheap: Lydia’s blog is full of beautifully styled, affordable fashion. She regularly features clothing and accessories you can purchase at Kohl’s. Check out how she styled this super-cool, $9 neon necklace:

Screen Shot 2013-04-10 at 2.25.53 PM

Ellen from Thrifty and Chic Mom: Ellen is pretty much a go-to guru for everything. Her blog is filled with easy, busy mom-friendly recipes, beauty product reviews, and of course, affordable fashion inspiration. I love how Ellen styled this blazer from Kohl’s:

Screen Shot 2013-04-10 at 2.51.34 PM

 3. Dianna from The Budget Babe: Dianna’s fashion blog is one of the most popular inspiration blogs out there. She’s constantly creating celebrity looks for less and assembling entire ensembles from easy-to-find affordable pieces. Check out how she styled this beautiful royal blue dress from Kohl’s, for the perfect mother-to-be Mother’s Day look!Screen Shot 2013-04-10 at 2.57.03 PM

4. Andrea from Momma in Flip Flops: Andrea’s blog is amazing for finding affordable fashion inspiration (whether you’re a momma or not!) Check out how she rocks these Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s skinny jeans:

Screen Shot 2013-04-10 at 3.03.02 PM



To Privitize or not to Privitize? 5 Coupons You Should Mark Private Now

You’ve seen the little lock icon on the left-hand side of your SnipSnap screen, but how do you know when to use it? What’s the standard for marking a coupon private or choosing to share it with thousands of other SnipSnappers across the country?Screen Shot 2013-01-25 at 2.52.04 PM Coupon-sharing is at the heart of SnipSnap; it’s what makes impromptu mobile couponing possible. Find an unexpected must-have at the mall? You can snip a coupon on the spot from the SnipSnap user database, even if you’ve never uploaded a coupon yourself. Of course, you’ll want to have SnipSnap success at the register, so you’ll want to make sure that what you snip is meant to be shared. Likewise, when uploading your own offers, you’ll only want to share deals designed to be redeemed many times by many people.

In order to make it a cinch to tell the difference between coupons that should be shared from coupons that should be privatized, here is Mo’ Money’s handy guide to the top 5 types of coupons you should mark private (if they’re yours) and avoid snipping (if they’re not).

Mark Them Private!

  1. Gift Certificates: Gift certificate are different from coupons because, instead of being funded by a restaurant or retailer, they’re funded by friends or family. You may be able to redeem your own gift certificates via SnipSnap (although many stores treat gift cards like cash, which must be surrendered). If you do choose to upload your gift certificates to SnipSnap, you must mark them private. Depending on the method a store uses to keep track of gift cards, you might lose your savings if someone else snips your gift card and uses it before you do.Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 11.51.56 AM
  2. Rewards Dollars: Rewards dollars are different than coupons, because they’re dollars off future purchases, based on purchases you have already made. For example: Old Navy and Kohl’s are two stores that occasionally run rewards dollars promotions. If you spend a certain about during the promotional period (say, $50), you’ll receive store “cash” (say, $20) with your receipt and you can redeem that store cash during the set redemption period. You earn store cash because you spent cash, therefor your savings are unique to you and should not be shared.Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 11.59.42 AM
  3. Single Use Coupons: There are a few different kind of coupons you’ll encounter, which are intended to be redeemed only one time by only one person. Sometimes, you’ll receive single use coupons in the mail if you’ve ordered from a retailer online or joined its loyalty club. Sometimes, you’ll receive single use coupons with your receipt (also called catalina coupons) at stores like Target. Not all Target catalina coupons are one-time use only (in fact, most aren’t), so make sure you read the fine print.Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 1.33.58 PM
  4. Coupons with Your Name (Address, Account #, Email, Etc.) on Them: In order to keep your personal information private, make sure you properly crop it out during the snipping process. If your name and address are on the actual coupon itself and can’t be cropped out of the photograph, you should mark that coupon private.Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 1.39.48 PM
  5. Coupons Connected to your Loyalty Card Accounts: Coupons that are linked to your loyalty or rewards accounts should be marked private, because they are linked to your personal information and also because they are very likely to be single-use coupons that others will/should not be able to use. An example of loyalty card coupons that should be marked private are ExtraBucks catalina coupons from CVS. In order to redeem these coupons, you must present the card to which they’re linked. (Want to find out how you can score your own CVS card and ExtraBucks coupons? Check out the Mo’ Money CVS store guide.)Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 1.54.31 PM

There you have it! The more conscious you are of which coupons should be public and which should be marked private, the more successful you’ll be, and the higher we’ll see our success rates climb!






3 Mobile Ways to Save on a Great Pair of Jeans This Week

I think a girl’s top line of defense against holiday weight gain is having a great pair of skinny jeans. Skinny jeans serve two purposes: 1) You won’t eat too much while you’re wearing them 2) They’ll physically pull you back together if you eat too much while you’re wearing something else.

Need a new pair of jeans for fall? Today’s a great day for you – here are three mobile deals on denim:

  1. Get $10 off Levi’s with Wrapp. If you haven’t heard about Wrapp, you should know it’s one of my essential mobile shopping tools, especially during the holiday season. Wrapp is basically a social gift-giving app that lets you give smaller free and larger paid gift cards for popular stores like Gap and Sephora to your Facebook friends. Every Wednesday, Wrapp celebrates you by giving you the chance to earn a free gift card for yourself. This week, if you give three free $10 Levi’s gift cards, you’ll receive a free $10 Levi’s gift card for yourself. Make sure you “like” Wrapp on Facebook for future Facebook Offers.
  2. $10 Off Rock & Republic Jeans at Kohl’s. Today, Kohl’s sent out a great offer for Facebook fans: $10 off Rock & Republic jeans, now through October 29. The best part of this deal? This coupon is valid with other Kohl’s coupons, so make sure you SnipSnap more Kohl’s coupons for additional savings. If you earned Kohl’s cash earlier this month, now’s the time to redeem it!
  3. Macy’s WOW! PASS. It’s rare to score a great coupon on store clearance, but that’s exactly what Macy’s WOW! PASS is. There’s a pass good for %15 off your clearance/sale purchase in the shopkick app but, if you’re signed up for Macy’s mobile text coupons, you’ll get a link to a 20% off coupon today!