Self-Made Summer Ice Cream, Gelato, and Sorbet: No Ice Cream Maker Required

It’s almost summer time! I have a confession: all it takes is a few weeks of 80 degree weather and I’m eating ice cream every single day. Even a mild-to moderate ice cream obsession can be really hard on your body and your wallet. Conventional ice cream is loaded with additives, preservatives, and artificial flavors and sweeteners. And, with all of the trimmings (let’s face it: what’s ice cream without the trimmings?), it can cost upwards of $5 every time you head out for a frozen treat.

I’ve always wanted to learn how to make my own ice cream and sorbet, but I’ve never wanted to shell out the cash for an ice cream maker. (I also don’t want to spend the time it takes to clean and maintain another small kitchen appliance.) But, I’m in luck! Some of my favorite food and lifestyle bloggers have dished up modified ice cream and sorbet recipes that are all natural, healthy, delicious, and require only a blender or an electric mixer to make. Dig in!

Bakers Royal Triple Melon Sorbet: Naomi from Bakers Royal created this super sweet, triple melon sorbet using cantaloupe, watermelon and honeydew. All you need to make this is fruit, juice, and sugar! Perfect for warm nights when you want something sweet and cool to melt in your mouth. I’m thinking I’ll be all over this after my sweaty, mid-summer runs.

Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 4.03.42 PM

The Stone Soup’s Creamy Lemon Ice Cream: Jules from The Stone Soup has the secret to making the perfect ice cream at home using just a whisk and simple ingredients. Her blog is so wonderful because she has a degree in food science and knows her food down to every last molecule. The trick to this ice cream? Lots of sugar, which prevents the ice cream from freezing all the way (and makes it taste amazing).

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Emmy Cooks’ Salted Caramel Ice cream: I’ll be honest: I just about love salted caramel anything. Nothing compliments a sweet treat better than a little pinch of salt, and you will regularly find me salting cookies and cake, too (weird, I guess). So I was really excited to discover Emmy Cooks’ creamy delicious salted caramel ice cream recipe.

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Busy in Brooklyn’s Easy Raspberry Sorbet: I love how Chanie from Keeping Busy in Brooklyn breaks it down: all you need to make a successful sorbet is the right combination of soft fruit, hard fruit, and juice. Chanie’s basic sorbet recipe can be modified to incorporate different flavor combinations, like pear+moscato and strawberry+basil!

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Girl Makes Food’s Easy Watermelon Sorbet: I absolutely love this watermelon sorbet recipe from Girl Makes Food because you don’t need any added sugar to make it taste delicious; the watermelon is sweet and lovely tasting on its own! You can also experiment with adding fruit juice, herbs, or chocolate to the simple mix to customize your sorbet. I love Alissa’s blog, because her recipes are perfect for health-conscious, extremely busy people!

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Magnolia Days’ Strawberry Sorbet: Renee from Magnolia Days shared this simple, sweet recipe for strawberry sorbet. There’s something about strawberry that screams summer more than any other fruit; I’m excited to make this with some mint leaves as garnish for summer nights on the patio.

Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 4.38.15 PM

Cooking with Grace’s Homemade Honey-Ricotta Gelato: I am SO excited to try this recipe form Cooking with Grace. Who knew you could make gelato with ricotta? This recipe is so unique and I love that it’s sweetened with mostly honey instead of sugar. And I love how versatile it is as a base; you could incorporate cinnamon like Grace did, or you could add in other seasonal flavors (I’m thinking nutmeg) to transition this recipe into fall.

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Fit & Fed’s Banana Coconut Sorbet: I really love Mary’s blog Fit & Fed because, not only does she chronicle her adventures with healthy food, she also blogs about being an ice skater which I think is incredibly cool. I’m dying to try this banana coconut sorbet recipe: nothing screams “island” more than this flavor combination and frozen banana sorbets are always incredibly sweet without any added sugar.

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