Top Ten Ways Your Smart Phone Can Save You Money

If you haven’t couponed, you simply haven’t lived. Coupons are the best way to buy more of what you need so you can afford what you want. If you clip coupons, I can almost guarantee your life is way better for it. But are you opened up to the whole world of mobile coupons, at your fingertips, on your smart phone, at all times?

It’s not a small world. Here are just the top ten ways you can make and save money with your smart phone:

  1. Mobile Coupon Apps  Mobile Coupon apps make it a breeze to save on the go, without paper.  Apps like SnipSnap, Yowza!!, and RetailMeNot are super-easy tools to track deals in your current location and redeem them straight from your mobile phone.
  2. Retail Apps  Tons of top retailers and restaurants have their own amazing apps that let you discover store locations, in-store savings, and coupons. Target, Walgreens, and P.F. Chang’s all make it fun and easy to get deals from your phone.
  3. Incentive Apps  Want a way to make shopping (and saving) even more fun? Interactive, incentive apps like shopkick pay you to shop. You earn points or kicks just for walking into a store and scanning items, and you can redeem your kicks for awesome rewards.
  4. Price Check Apps  Make sure you shop savvy with price comparison apps, like Red Laser, that let you know whether the price you’re about to pay is the best one you can get in your area. You can even compare gas prices with apps like GasBuddy!
  5. Facebook Offers Like a store or restaurant in real life? “Like” it on Facebook! Retailers are offering mobile deals to their Facebook fans all the time.  When you claim one, you’ll get an email coupon you can redeem right off your phone.
  6. Gift-giving Apps Like to give savings as much as you like to receive them? Gift-giving apps like Wrapp let you exchange free 5 and 10 dollars gift cards with your Facebook friends so they can save at great stores like Sephora, Roots, and Warby Parker.
  7. Social Network Subscriptions  Stay in the loop! Make sure you follow your favorite bloggers, companies, and coupon apps on Facebook, so you can stay up-to-date on all the latest offers and saving strategies.
  8.  Travel Apps  Travel apps like Hotel Tonight make it insanely easy to save on the go, even last minute. If you want a cheap hotel room, bus ticket, or air flight, there’s an app for that.
  9. Group Deals  Save in numbers! Top daily deal sites like Groupon and Living Social have apps that let you get group deals and huge discounts from your phone.
  10. Text Coupons  You don’t even need a smart phone to save via text. Lots of retailers and restaurants like Jo-Ann’s and Arby’s have text message programs that deliver easy-to-use text coupons several times a week.

Of course, the best way to be a successful mobile couponer is to integrate many mobile saving methods into your lifestyle and couponing routine. But, I’ve got to know, if you could only choose one way to save off this list, which one would it be?


Nielsen: Half of all U.S. smartphone owners use mobile shopping apps

via Nielsen: Half of all U.S. smartphone owners use mobile shopping apps – FierceMobileContent.

Nielson, a global information and measurement company, recently reported that almost half of American smart phone owners (47%) take advantage of mobile shopping apps. During the month of June, 2012, the average mobile shopper in this group accessed shopping apps 17 times. The Nielson study revealed a strong correlation between the success of online retailers and the success of their respective smart phone apps; major online commerce sites like eBay and Amazon lead the pack when it comes to mobile traffic, attracting 13 million and 12 million individual mobile users, respectively. Retailers like Target and Walgreens, as well as daily deal sites like Groupon and Living Social all have successful apps driving heavy traffic. Interactive apps like shopkick are successfully engaging savvy smart phone users in popular retail stores like Macy’s and Target.

Says Don Kellogg, Director of Telecom Insights at Nielsen:

“As more Americans use their smartphones while shopping and making purchases directly through apps, retailers should consider personalizing their targeted offerings around the needs of individual consumers.”

Here’s the breakdown of the most popular, influential m-commerce apps:

Shopping/savings apps are clearly a huge deal, and they’re only going to get bigger and better at sensing what we each, as individuals, want/need to buy. It can be a tricky situation. A lot of people love the convenience and inspiration that comes from targeted ads. Others feel like it’s an invasion of privacy. And, still others don’t mind either way, as long as they’re not part of the group that receives creepy/weird/irrelevant ads like this one I spotted on Facebook, not too long ago:

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