SnipSnap Gets Smarter with Recommended Offers

We get it: You just don’t always have enough time to hunt for bargains. So, we thought, “Wouldn’t it be nice if SnipScreen Shot 2013-02-18 at 12.56.10 PMSnap bargain-hunted for you?” That’s the idea behind Recommended Offers. SnipSnap is getting smarter; so now, every so often, SnipSnap will suggest a deal for you, based on your location and coupons you’ve snipped or redeemed in the past. Love shopping at the mall? SnipSnap will suggest new, high-value coupons you may have missed. Out running errands? SnipSnap will show you coupons for stores nearby.

SnipSnap Recommended Offers work the same way recommendations on Amazon on Netflix do; they’re deals tailored to your own, unique shopping preferences, based on your prior usage of the SnipSnap app. Plus, if you’ve enabled SnipSnap’s location reminder feature (check out the video below if you haven’t), you’ll receive coupon alerts based on the deals around you.

Love a suggested offer? Snip it and save it to a bundle. Not crazy about a deal? Just tap “Close.” It’s that simple.

SnipSnap Quick Tip: How to Use Location Reminders

SnipSnap is the coupon app that basically does all of your thinking for you. It helps you mobilize your print store offers so you’ll aScreen Shot 2013-01-09 at 2.58.41 PMlways remember to bring them out shopping with you (as long as you can remember to bring your phone… SnipSnap can’t help you with that – YET). SnipSnap also reminds you when your offers are about to expire, so you don’t suffer the shame that comes with letting a great deal pass you by. SnipSnap is also geolocation savvy; it knows where you are when you’re out shopping and it will make sure you’re always aware of surrounding savings opportunities. How does SnipSnap do it? With location reminders. Whenever you’re out and about, and you pass by a store for which you’ve snipped coupons, SnipSnap will send you a push notification thaScreen Shot 2013-01-09 at 2.48.59 PMt lets you know which store you’re near and how many coupons you have ready to redeem there. It can be a bit tricky to keep track of all your coupons (trust me – I’ve snipped 859 coupons to over 100 stores), so it really helps to have SnipSnap’s brain telling you when and where you can score the best deals.

How do you enable location reminders? It’s Screen Shot 2013-01-09 at 3.10.12 PMeasy! If you didn’t elect to receive them when you initially signed up with SnipSnap 2.0, just head to the settings screen by tapping the gear icon on the top left-hand corner of your profile screen. You can enable or disable location reminders here.

I love that SnipSnap keeps track of my mobile offers and keeps me on top of when to use them, especially because I’ve snipped so many deals! Trust me, with SnipSnap location reminders, you truly will never forget to use a coupon reminder again.