Drugstore Beauty: Mobile Coupons + 5 Blogs to Follow Now

Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 2.30.05 PMI’ll admit it: my makeup collection desperately needs an overhaul. Even the boyfriend’s noticed my lack of lipsticks. It’s true: I’m a frugal girl so I like to stick to what works and I rarely let myself linger too long at the makeup counter (once you throw one eye shadow into your basket, how can you help but snatch them all up?) The good news: there are some fabulous, inexpensive drugstore makeup brands that work just as well as department store makeup and it’s much easier and much, much less expensive to do a makeup bag makeover at Target than it is to revamp your collection at MAC. I’m really into e.l.f. makeup brand; items typically run from $1 to $3, which is a total steal. The products are of pretty stellar quality, so, today, I can splurge on makeup like it’s 20 years ago and Bonnie Bell lip glosses and Wet n’ Wild nail polishes are the thing. Only e.l.f. products are a little more sophisticated, and I don’t feel quite as much like a first grader as I would expect to, paying $1 for lip gloss.  Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 2.29.44 PM

Don’t believe me? Don’t take my word for it. If you want to explore the drug store makeup counter more thoroughly (without being one of those people who open products up, stick their fingers in, and then leave the leftovers for no one to buy) check out these amazing frugal beauty bloggers, who test out drug store makeup and post really thorough reviews, so you only leave CVS with the best of the best!

Makeup & Beauty Blog: Karen from Makeup & Beauty Blog writes such a comprehensive list of beauty product reviews and she demos each product with delicious photography that makes you want to eat all the nail polish and bronzer up! She also does drug store beauty reviews, especially for Sonia Kashuk products from Target.

The Budget Beauty Blog: Jennifer from The Budget Beauty Blog writes really awesome reviews of drugstore brands (like e.l.f.) and goes the extra mile to compare drug store brand items to their department store counterparts. I love Jennifer’s honest advice and the scope of her reviews; check out her Wall of Mascara for a really impressive visual that will change the way you shop for eye makeup forever!

Nouveau Cheap: G. from Nouveau Cheap totally speaks to me. Her blog is beautiful and her philosophy that one should never have to spend more than $10-$20 on a makeup product is something I seriously believe in. She regularly posts drug store makeup sale alerts and discovers drug store dupes for popular department store makeup items.

The Frugal Model: Ashley from The Frugal Model does more than write about frugal beauty; she’ll teach you how to basically live your life. From tax prep tips and frugal traveling how-to, Ashley is basically the really smart, gorgeous, put-together big sister you (at least I) never had.

The Budget Socialite: Scarlett and Trinidad from The Budget Socialite put together amazing drug store makeup tutorials and reviews; they’re general, all-around, effortless frugal living experts and their blog is full of practical living advice, like how to put together mason jar meals.

Headed to the drug store to revamp your spring makeup collection? Make sure you SnipSnap some mobile coupons first! Right now, there are tons of wonderful makeup deals for drugstores like Walgreens in the app!

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