Brilliant, Super-Easy, Mobile Ways to Save at Sephora!

Last week, I blogged about Wrapp, the mobile, social gift-giving app that lets you exchange gift cards with your favorite Facebook friends.  I totally love Wrapp, because I can use my smartphone to send great gifts to friends who are far away, and they can enjoy their presents right from their mobile phones.  But, best of all, I can exchange FREE five dollar and ten dollar gift cards with friends, just because! And that lets us buy more at our most shopped-at stores.

One of my favorite Wrapp gifts to unwrap?  Sephora FREE five dollar gift cards!  I’ve given and received a few from friends and they’re a breeze to redeem online and in-store.  I have a mild nail polish obsession, so I’m stoked whenever I can get a Sephora by OPI polish for less than half price with one of my Wrapp gift cards.

Sephora is amazing to its customers, and there are a ton of great ways for loyal shoppers to save in stores and online.  Want to take advantage of even more savings, on top of your Wrapp gift cards? Read on! (Birthday gifts, free iPhone sleeves, free samples, and exclusive coupons abound!)