Are You SnipSnapping Your Text Coupons?

Happy Monday! This week’s tip is here to make sure you know how to store all your mobile coupons in one place. SnipSnap was originally conceived to capture, digitize, and organize your print coupons, but, did you know you can use SnipSnap to store mScreen Shot 2013-03-04 at 2.17.07 PMobile/Internet coupons too? Check out this tutorial on how to upload screen captures (vs. photographs) into the SnipSnap app.

You can take screen captures of coupons from just about any source on your smart phone. You can capture coupons from web sites in your phone’s browser; you can use pictures you’ve taken previously of print coupons; you can even import screen shots of coupons from other applications, liScreen Shot 2013-03-04 at 2.16.50 PMke Facebook. Did you know you can upload screen shots of your text coupons into SnipSnap too?

Of course, you want to keep all of your mobile coupons in one place for organization’s sake (think about condensing that mammoth coupon binder into one, sleek, smart phone app). But the biggest reason to upload all your different kinds of mobile coupons into SnipSnap is so you can take advantage of location and expiration reminders.

Today, I’m going to show you how simple it is to upload text coupons into SnipSnap. Many restaurants and retailers, like Arby’s and Jo-Ann Fabric, allow you to sign up via web or mobile app to receive text offers to your mobile phone. (Here’s a tutorial on how to sign up for text coupons and ten top stores to get you started.) Text message offers are sweet and simple, but you might forget about them soon after your text notification sound goes off. What’s the solution?

text coupon captured with expiration date into SnipSnap
text coupon captured with expiration date into SnipSnap

Take a screen capture of your text coupons as soon as you receive them and then easily upload them into the SnipSnap app by using the screen shot icon next to the camera icon. Text coupons are generally very legible and clearly spelled out, so they captured very nicely in SnipSnap. Tada! Now you’ll receive expiration and location reminders so your text deals don’t go bad.

Since text message coupons are generally not single use or limited to their original recipients, you can SnipSnap other users’ text offers too and you don’t have to mark yours private.

That’s all there is to it! Just another way SnipSnap makes it easier (or just plain possible) to save money with minimal effort.


SnipSnap at Auntie Anne’s this Holiday Shopping Season

My number one place to eat while shopping: Auntie Anne’s. Why? Because free food and drink is one SnipSnap second away.

Whenever I go shopping, I make an effort to save on everything, including fuel. Mall food court grub is expensive, so I’ll only eat with coupons. Usually I’m with a friend, too, so Auntie Anne’s BOGO deals are perfect. I can always find the exact coupon I need by searching through all the Auntie Anne’s offers on my phone.

Auntie Anne’s is really mobile coupon friendly. In fact, recently, Auntie Anne’s teamed up with Coke to offer back-to-school shoppers mobile coupons for free food and drinks. The coupons appeared as banner ads that popped up in various entertainment smartphone apps whenever shoppers got close to an Auntie Anne’s store.

Want more ways to save at Auntie Anne’s?

“Like” Auntie Anne’s on Facebook and join Pretzel Perks to sign up for free email and text coupons.

Oh yeah: It’s time for Sampling Saturdays, now through November 10th! So you can try before you coupon. Sweet.

20% off Your Entire Purchase at Ulta!

Yay!  If you know me, you know I’m a huge fan of Ulta (and how easy it is to redeem mobile coupons online and in-store).  Usually, I use this $3.50 off ten dollar purchase coupon on SnipSnap:

But today I’ve got something better (especially because I’m due to stock up on staples like foundation and mascara).

Ta-da! %20 Percent off your entire purchase

You can click the link to view the coupon on the Ulta website, but I received one by email this morning.  Each coupon has a unique code for purchases made on or in Ulta stores. (Remember!  It’s only valid until 9/1.)  Not signed up for Ulta emails?  Do it! It’s easy:use the link above, and enter your email on the bottom right-hand corner of the page.  Want an even faster heads-up on store promotions and exclusive offers?  Sign up for Ulta text alerts! Just text “Ulta” to 80565 and you’ll get weekly updates on how you can save on your favorite cosmetics.

How much have you saved using Ulta coupons? Email me at!