Live/Save Green with Wholes Foods’ New Make Change, Not Waste App

From: Get Coupons for Your Green Actions | Whole Foods Market

If you love shopping (and SnipSnapping) at Whole Foods like I do, then you’re into saving your health as well as time and money (and paper). Couponing is really a holistic thing, because it inspires you to live the best life possible. Which is why I think it’s great that Whole Foods has introduced mobile coupons as part of a complete healthy living, eco-conscious package.

The Make Change, Not Waste app is new for free IOS download and it rewards Whole Foods shoppers for their green lifestyle choices with exclusive mobile coupons. It’s completely simple to unlock savings and learn a little something about how you can make small changes and a big impact. Just log each activity as you complete them. (Don’t worry, there’s a lot of activities on the list, so there are plenty of changes you can implement to make your lifestyle a little bit greener.)

Once you’ve logged ten green actions, you’ll unlock your first batch of coupons. Pick the coupon you want to redeem and it will be emailed to you. You should be able to redeem these coupons, right from your smart phone’s screen.

I really like this app because it’s filled with tips and tricks that anyone can use to live a little bit better. And it’s a great tool for teaching kids to be environmentally aware (and how to mobile coupon, too).

Tip: These coupons are manufacturer coupons, so you should be able to stack them with your Whole Foods store coupons depending on your local Whole Foods’ policy.



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