Score Free Stuff at Gap and Sephora with Wrapp

If you haven’t heard about Wrapp, you’re living under a rock. Wrapp is one of the pioneers of the social gift giving movement, and it’s my favorite because it allows you to exchange completely free $5/$10 mobile gift cards with your Facebook friends. Even better? Each Wednesday, Wrapp offers users a chance to score free gift cards for themselves. Wrapp gift cards are good for about a month and the app notifies you when your gift cards are about to expire. Yesterday I had two gift cards that were due to retire from my Wrapp mobile wallet, so I headed to the mall to use them up. Here’s a quick tip from my frugal shopping philosophy: try to avoid, at all costs, spending more than a gift card is worth – especially if you’re not shopping for something you need. You might think, “How is possible to shop at a store in the mall for under $10? Under $5?” Trust me; it’s not only possible, it’s an amazing adrenaline rush to get great cosmetics, clothing, and accessories for nothing.

I went to the mall with $10 to Sephora and $5 to Gap. I knew immediately what my Wrapp gift card would get me for free at Sephora; I’m a lover of Sephora for OPI nail polishes, but I will never, ever buy them at full price because they are almost ten dollars! I snagged a pretty rosy pink to keep things fresh for fall. At the register, all I owed was 17 cents for tax.

Things got a little trickier at Gap. Five dollars is really hard to work with – if you don’t know what you’re looking for. My Gap had a ton of pretty insane markdowns in the accessories section by the register and I found, to my delight, a tub of final sale belts. The belts averaged less than two dollars a piece!

I grabbed three for less than five dollars. I had to surrender the 22 cent remaining balance because you cannot get cash back for Wrapp gift cards. But, who cares! I got three belts for free.

Very satisfied with my Wrapp Gap haul!

Lessons learned about Wrapp gift cards:

  1. There is no minimum purchase to use your Wrapp gift card.
  2. You won’t get a cash balance back like you might with some print gift cards and your Wrapp gift card expires after one transaction, so your balance will not be retained.
  3. You don’t have to let your Wrapp deals die because you don’t want to spend more money than you’d save.



Wrapp This Wednesday at Gap

It’s Wrapp Wednesday, that day of the week when you can give three FREE Wrapp gift cards to Facebook friends and receive one for yourself. (New to Wrapp, the social gift giving app? Read my full review here.) It’s an exciting Wrapp Wednesday because today, for the first time,  Gap is getting in on the Wrapp action. All you have to do to score a free $5 Gap gift card is give the same free Gap gift card to three Facebook friends who are building their Fall wardrobes.

Got some October birthdays to celebrate? Add value to a free $5 Gap gift card and you’ll only pay the difference, so you will still save five dollars, no matter how many Gap dollars you choose to give any friend. What to save even more money while shopping at Gap yourself? SnipSnap a few coupons on your way to the mall:


Wrapp Wednesday at Karmaloop

Happy Wrapp Wednesday! Wrapp is one of my favorite mobile gift giving apps because it lets you give free and paid gift cards to your Facebook friends. (Read my full review of Wrapp here.) Best part about Wrapp? On Wednesdays, if you give free gift cards to friends, you’ll get one for yourself. What’s today’s Wrapp Wednesday steal? Send a free $5 Wrapp gift card for Karmaloop to three of your Facebook friends, and you’ll find a $5 gift card for Karmaloop in your Wrapp wallet tomorrow.

Haven’t heard of Karmaloop? You have now, and that’s another reason why I love Wrapp – it’s a great way to spread the word about places you love to shop. is chock full of unique, vibrant clothes and accessories so, if you’re building your fall wardrobe, it’s a great place to start.

Even better? If you sign up for Karmaloop’s email list, you’ll score another $10 gift card, which you can combine with your Wrapp Wednesday reward. Pair the two, and you could snag some pretty sweet accessories for just a dollar (shipping and handling included!)

This gorgeous cross bracelet is just $1 dollar (with shipping!) when you combine your gift cards.

Remember to “like” Wrapp on Facebook. And tell your friends to sign up for Karmaloop’s email list when you send your free gift today!